Solar Vacuum Tube
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Solar Vacuum Tubes:
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What is Solar Vacuum Tube?
Solar vacuum tube is a main role of solar water heater as it play role as solar collector. It absorb and covert the solar energy to heat energy and transfer the heat to the water. It has prosperity of high absorption and low emission. The vacuum tube consists of outer tube, inner tube, (AL-N-SS-Cu) coating and holder.
What is AL-N-SS-Cu coating?
AL-NN-SS-Cu is coating for three target tube. Three target assimilate the advanced 12 layers of spattering deposition of trivalent element technology, high borosilicate glass, and gradual change of AL-N-SS-Cu selective complex absorptive coating. These make three target vacuum tube have high performance of absorption and low reflection ratio. Because of the coating, three target vacuum tube’s absorption rate increase 30%-50% than normal tube.
Why solar vacuum tube?
·         Ultra-absorption
·         Quick Heating
·         High Thermal Efficiency
·         Good Pressure Bearing Performance
·         Longer Service Life

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